methodology delivers performance driven digital marketing services and consultancy for travel, holiday and cruise brands specialises in strategy, paid media and analytics. offers end to end social media marketing, from strategy and planning, to expertly optimised content creation for paid and organic posts, to results that exceed key performance indicators and deliver against core business objectives. methodology methodology the benefits of paid social and  how it compares to organic

The difference between a paid and organic social media strategy is huge. Not huge in cost but huge in the insight. Whether it is £10 per day or £10,000, the learning is still there.

Paid ensures reaching the optimal target audience segments.

Paid means more flexible options for measuring engagement, and a real-time barometer of consumer opinion on your brand content and campaigns.

Paid cost per click metrics also offer flexibility and can be more closely aligned to web analytics reporting. This is critical in building trust with established digital teams.

Optimising traffic campaigns for Landing Page Views may prove to be the best option if measuring integrated campaigns where web analytics is usually the predetermined winner. 

To build the credibility of social as a core marketing channel delivering consistent and incremental results cost efficiently it needs to be taken seriously by the key stakeholders.

Pixel analytics and attribution reporting within Facebook Business Manager delivers clear demonstration of the value of paid social campaigns in real numbers, but agreeing on a consistent and mutually agreeable way to measure attribution is crucial.

It’s likely digital teams already have attribution modelling already in place so trying to bring something else in may be a challenge but by ongoing optimisations, perseverance and trusting the numbers delivered, social media will flourish in most businesses.

An organic first, or organic only, approach is hit and hope. It can work but that struggle is real.