Everything you need to know about menstrual discs

Over the winter holidays, I found myself bearing down in my shower, twisting my body into ungodly positions to try to dislodge a menstrual disc and remove it. A horrifying thought came to mind after a few minutes: What if it’s stuck? 

I’ve gone to the ER for sillier things, and avoided it for worse, but I definitely did not want to put further strain on my local hospital during a pandemic for this. After a few more perilous minutes of contorting myself, I was relieved to be able to fish it out and rinse the disc clean under the faucet. 

The whole scene wasn’t exactly what I had envisioned when I set out to switch to a new method of period protection. As a longtime tampon user, I wanted to move to an internal period product over an external one like reusable pads, but I was worried about the small chance a cup’s suction could interfere with my IUD.  Read more…More about Health, Social Good, Social Good, Sex Relationships, and Health

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