Facebook’s latest ad ban in the name of inauguration safety is pure performace

Facebook really needs to pick a lane.

The social network took the step on Saturday of temporarily halting ads for certain weapon accessories and protective gear. Ads for guns, “weapon enhancements” like silencers, and ammunition are already banned outright, so this new change affects ads for things like gun safes, holsters, and protective vests.

The new ban will stand “at least through January 22nd,” according to Facebook, and it’s being imposed “out of an abundance of caution.” It was announced in an update to the company’s Jan. 11 post titled “Our Preparations Ahead of Inauguration Day.”

The question is: Why? For one, the Jan. 16 decision came just four days ahead of the Jan. 20 inauguration and one day before Jan. 17, a date earmarked by law enforcement over suspicions that the same forces that gathered for or supported the Jan. 6 domestic terror incident at the U.S. Capitol would be staging gatherings at state capitols around the country. Read more…More about Facebook, Inauguration, Tech, and Social Media Companies

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