thechapel.social offers performance driven digital marketing services and consultancy.

thechapel.social specialises in strategy, paid media and analytics.

thechapel.social offers end to end social media marketing, from strategy and planning, to expertly optimised content creation for paid and organic posts, to results that exceed key performance indicators and deliver against core business objectives.

thechapel.social testimonials

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“David is an exceptionally professional and focused individual with a bullet-proof understanding of digital media. In the complex field of SEO, PPC and Social Media, he is a valuable interpreter of technology for the benefit of clients. A thought leader in the field of social media, he clearly enjoys experimenting directly with various platforms and integrating this knowledge into measurable and viable client solutions. David is an asset to any company seeking to build and maintain their online presence and a pleasant business partner and associate.”

“David’s work accurately reflects his deep understanding of and passion for social media. He uses data and intuition in equal measures to develop campaigns and optimise them. The recommendations he puts forward demonstrate his years of insight into the mechanics and general behaviours on various social platforms. In advertising, David knows what’s likely to work vs not, and when a novel problem’s presented he comfortably structures and executes tests to find out what there is to know.”

“I would highly recommend David as a subject matter expert in digital marketing and strategy. Not only does he hold very strong domain knowledge, he is an outstanding communicator, and can present to stakeholders at the highest level.”

“David has helped drive a significant uplift in ROI for social media within the travel divisions and has built positive relationships with those within the travel department, creating a positive ambiance and helping to lift morale with his kind-hearted and fun, yet professional behaviour.”

“David Knockton is an expert in the field of search and social media marketing. David fully understands the technical complexity of organic and paid search and how marketing departments should be running their integrated digital campaigns, their social communities and social channels. David is a great character and a pleasure to work with.”

“David has an excellent knowledge of digital strategy and is highly proficient at understanding customer requirements. This enables him to develop highly polished, tailor made business solutions that successfully achieve marketing objectives. David is a team player with boundless enthusiasm which makes him a great person to have around in a work environment.”

“David has been a key element in helping us improving our Email campaigns strategy during our initial transition from basic to expert services. David has the ability to make everyone understands the complexity of SEM and other online & digital activities. He always has great ideas and clear vision on which we can build upon. I enjoyed our professional venture with David and would definitely call for his expert services and friendly advice should the occasion occur again.”

“David was a pleasure to work with. He is a professional, polished and knowledgeable digital professional with a deep understanding of marketing. Contagiously enthusiastic about digital with the ability to educate and communicate at a ‘top table’ level, whilst explaining and quantifying digital concepts and solutions in a palatable and concise fashion.”

“Having worked closely with David on several projects, I have found him to have a unique zest for achievement that is unlike any other. The positive energy David possesses, coupled with his industry experience and knowledge always bring the best out in his colleagues and this is maintained when dealing with clients. I thoroughly endorse David’s skills and passion to any prospective employer or client.”

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